Rama Leofric

i am a charming jack who explores dark places.



  • Might – 10 (Edge: 0)
  • Speed – 14 (Edge: 1)
  • Intellect – 14 (Edge: 0)


  • Trained in all tasks involving positive or pleasant social interaction
  • Trained when using esoteries or abilities that influence the minds of others
  • Inability at studying or retaining facts
  • Inability at resisting mental attacks
  • Training in one task of your choosing (not attack/defense)
  • Trained in searching, listening, climbing, balancing and jumping


  • Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons
  • Flex Skill
  • Two Tricks of the Trade from: Bash, Hedge Magic, Pierce, Practiced in Armour, Skill With Defense, Thrust, Trained Without Armour
  • Dark esoteries


  • Shins: 18
  • Clothing
  • Two weapons
  • Light Armour
  • An explorer’s pack
  • A pack of light tools
  • 50ft of rope
  • 2 days rations
  • two minor glowglobes


  • heavy feeling eyeball – put it to eye socket, shoot someone with hot laser for 4 damage up to long range.
  • Crystanline rectangle – smack someone, body is covered in bony material and armor is +1 for 2 rounds.


  • glass bracelet – readout changes in weird language with button. still has power and display is changing.


  • TODO – (You have an important contact in a influential position.)

Pick a PC. You have been adventuring partners and gain +1 to rolls when working on the same task together


  • Charming – Numenera Rulebook pg. 47, Players Guide pg. 34
  • Jack – Numenera Rulebook pg. 40, Players Guide pg. 28
  • Explores Dark Places – Numenera Rulebook pg. 61, Players Guide pg. 47

Rama Leofric

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