Unknown (Nickname: Beast)

I am a Tough Glaive that Controls Beasts


I am a Tough Glaive who Controls Beasts

Might (Edge: 1)
Speed (Edge: 1)
Intellect (Edge: 0)

Trained in Might defense
Training in: Climbing

Healthy: +1 to recovery rolls
Practiced in Armor
Practiced With All Weapons
Pierce( +1 dam with poiny ranged)
Thrust( +1 dam with sharp or pointy melee)
Trained with Armor( -2 armor penalty)
Beetle Companion

Greatsword – This is a blade-claw from a giant mantis, wielded like the manner of a great sword
Bow – This is an obvious hand crafted bow made out of materials easily gotten from a forest.
Blowgun – This appears to be a hollowed out reed.
Medium armor – The armor appears to be an amalgamation of beast skin and other materials from the forest
An explorer’s pack
Leather ball that restores 3 might
Round pot that shoots fire that damages organics
Reverse accordion music box
3 days of animal feed
Animal harness/collar/etc

Other Details:
Armour – You always add +1 to your armour rating.

Forrest’s character accidentally levitated Beast and his Beetle nearly killing Beast in the accident and also permanently levitating the beetle. The beetle did not take well to this and doesn’t behave around Forrest’s character. Beast was not happy that it happened, but understands it was an accident.

You have 5 shins to spend.

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Numenera Rulebook pg. 26, Players Guide pg. 16
Controls Beasts
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He is very beast-like, thus his nickname. Since he has lived in the wilds all of his life, he has a strong dislike for Numenera in general and tries to stick to using natural items and methods in his day to day life. Generally he is pretty grumpy if he is not in the wilds. He also is rather surly with people who use Numenera.

Unknown (Nickname: Beast)

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